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WEB solution for resource and service management
Third Party

Flex-services is the best of breed WEB solution for resource management rebilling of services using the hosted solution flex-Services

Our customers are large companies, SMEs and service companies.

Flex-services handles all aspects of resource management including resource allocation and planning as well as capacity planning. In addition, it enables data consistency between finance / accounting and operational management.


Financial Management

of a portfolio of projects, based on the concepts of budget, forecast and actuals. based on concepts of budget, forecast and achieved. Multi-currency management based upon a table of exchange rates.

Resource Management

of the resources, through a work plan that can be compared to the capacity of the organization (capacity planning).

Financial Monitoring

consistent with the financial data of the company through interfaces to the accounting system the company and of its subsidiaries.

Resource Allocation

On a day per day basis, over the short term, to manage and optimize the workplan of the company resources.



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